Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I love movies.

I’m starting a blog for the first time, the subject for which is movies and my unending desire to see as many as possible.  I am primarily a musician.  I sing jazz, I have sung in choirs and while I have not yet sung backup for James Taylor, I am certain I will.

But I also love movies.  I’ve been seriously watching movies (and keeping notes) for almost 20 years.  I clearly remember my first experience going to the movies when I was 9 years old.  At that time, I had some knowledge that I wanted to do this magic thing called Going to the Movies.  I figured out that movies opened on Fridays and you could find out in the Thursday paper what was closing that night and opening tomorrow.  I would keep a lookout for acceptable movies (ones Dad was likely to take my brother and me to, i.e. Disney) and when I informed my parents that Cinderella was in town and the asking would never cease, we went.  I remember the fascination I had in finally seeing the whole movie.  Certain scenes were familiar from the Sunday night Disney TV show, but now I saw the story from beginning to end and I was hooked.

Somewhere in the early 1990s I started keeping track of the movies I saw, using a star rating system and coming up with my own top 10 list each year.  I became an avid Oscar-watcher.  I’ve kept the telecasts on VHS from 1993 to date (yes, I still use VHS) and I can name all the Best Picture winners in chronological order.  I have various checklists I’m working on at any given time which often leads me to exclaim, “I want to see ALL the movies!”  I realize that no single person can do this but the journey’s the thing, not the destination.  Besides, I don’t think completing anyone’s list of the 10,000 movies all self-respecting movie-lovers must see before they die would cause me to immediately keel over.

My intention is to write reviews and the occasional commentary.  I’m going to be learning a lot at first, about the mechanics of blogging and especially about writing.  I’ve been reading Roger Ebert for years but his easy-reading, erudite style is not something I’ve been able to assimilate.  In the meantime I hope you enjoy…


  1. I love that you started this blog Carman! Movie are truly fantastic...I look forward to your posts. If you have any blogging questions feel free to drop me a line. Here's a couple tips to start off: Photos always make a blog better and keeping your posts short and sweet is your best bet! Also, link to other sites and blogs as much as possible.

  2. Thanks, Kristi! I'll be keeping tabs on your Thrilling Life, too...